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Drake Attack

Here's an episode of me trying to watch TV....


Drake gets a haircut

As you can see, we didn't cut a single hair on his head until he turned 1 (or 12 months as many parents like to say).

Adonis Drake.jpgSo while we were visiting Turkey for his birthday we went to have it chopped off.  The poor little guy was also suffering from the heat so we thought it would help.

Uncle İlker was happy to hold the little guy while Barış distracted him from what was really happening.

And revealing the New Drake!

Why is he giving us such attitude?  Maybe because that chair is the only place he would stand.  He hated walking on the sand and just tolerated the water as long as we held him.  But at least he has a sharp haircut.

Tülay calls him the "billy goat" now.  For some reason he climbs everything.  I snapped this shot yesterday, he wasn't at his maximum height that he can attain on the chair, but he was doing pretty well.  He also climbs up the stroller that you can see behind him and he has mastered the ability to get on the couch.

Billy Goat blues

The couch used to be our safe place for our remote control.  Now it can usually be found damp from slobber in some hard to reach to the phone.  No, he's not walking yet.  Somehow he does this Rockette kick with his left leg and anything that his heel lands on top of he can climb. 

  1. Kids are absolutely disgusting when they get sick.  Be prepared to be used as a human  handkerchief.
  2. Kiss goodbye to conveniently leaving your spare change or hairclips laying about the house.  They will be in your child's mouth at the precise moment that you stop looking.
  3. I've heard about that parent's sixth sense where you get alarmed when it gets's happened to me.  And I'm usually right, that's when Drake's discovered that high heels taste great.
  4. The stages of sleep deprivation are a) exhaustion b) oh my god, now I really know what exhaustion is c) how many times did I get up last night...seriously, how many d) stay in bed honey, I got this one. e) It's no big deal.  Really, you reach a point where it doesn't matter and you stop counting hours of lost sleep!
  5. We've lived like the Amish ever since Drake discovered electrical cords plugged into the wall...
  6. I pick up things constantly.  Constantly.  Over time it's not even aggravating, I just do it.  It's either that or trip over balls, cubes, pieces of paper, etc every step of the way to the refrigerator.
  7. My $400 universal remote will still work after being slobbered on.  So does my $500 iPhone.
Finally developing the skills needed to achieve his lifelong dream, the agile little guy stood up all by himself, carefully stepped over (smiling the whole time) and started reaching for the fish.  I had to cut the film and run over, I didn't think he could reach it.

I can understand his desire.  Every night and day, every naptime he reaches for those fish as we put him down and pick him up.  We see him reaching and deftly swerve him away from his goal.  It's unattainable.  He must spend hours each day lying on his back, thinking of those fish and how he can get them and, of course, put them in his mouth.

He was foiled again.

Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now
C'mon baby do the locomotion
I know you'll get to like it If you give it a chance now
C'mon baby do the locomotion
My little baby sister can do it with ease
It's easier than learning your a b c's
So come on, come on, Do the locomotion with me

He's a cowboy

On a steel horse he rides!  Okay, it's not steel, but he has a steely look in his eye as he gazes over his herd.

Cowboy Drake
Now don't think we're crazy, this was done in a controlled environment and we told him not to gallup the horse.

On occasion, our little guy manages to scratch himself and it's time for a manicure.  I've gone through this ritual a few times and have so far kept it a blood free affair for both Drake and his father.  Today, however, I was feeling a little ambitious and decided to go all out and give him a pedicure while I was at it.  What a headache!  At least I can control his hands to some extent with a firm grip, but his leg are a different matter.  Lining up the clippers on such a tiny target takes forever and then the instant before I clip the whole foot gets yanked away.

A few times, I noticed his toes were white because I was holding them too firmly.  So I had to strike a balance and wait for a bit and strike like a snake when he was calm (close to never). Short of a sedative, I really don't know how to improve this process and his legs are only going to get stronger.

Little Toe Muncher

Drake and Kaan

The Perfect Escape

A drakesitter was found (thank you Jay and Semra!) and we took advantage of the last nice night's weather for a true movie outing.  We've been stuck at home watching the medium to low-budget mush on Showtime and HBO for around five months now.  It was so nice to get out and watch an alternative movie.  Yeah, I know there are more glamorous things to do in New York City, but it was Monday night and the slush started today.  In fact there are huge snowflakes coming down, maybe 1 1/2 across.  It's weird.

Slumdog MillionaireIf you are remotely a Bollywood fan, you have to watch the credits at the end. :)

At first it's all fun and games at the doctor's office.  Weigh the baby...check!  Measure the baby...check.  Wiggle his legs in a circle...check!  Then it gets a little ugly....

Aww, how cute!

...why I've been able to create a new site recently.  Start'em young, I say!


We Love The Drake!

Drake decided to meet his parents at 12:15am August 15th. This picture is 10 hours after he was born...

It's a boy


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