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This weekend, Roger and I hit the NJ Rock Gym to test our mettle against their obstacles.  I can't say that the rock wall won, but we'll just call it a draw since it wasn't fighting back.

That's not an actual picture of us since we weren't smart enough to take a camera.  I stole it from their website to show you how cool the gym is.  Overall, I don't think I'm suffering too badly...I can still type after all.

I think rock climbing is a cool sport so I'm excited to try it out more.  It's certainly encouraging me to lose any extra weight.  That's pretty much all you think about as you feel your grip slipping.  That and the fact that Roger really had to struggle to put me back on the ground.  I think I have a diaper rash from his initial education of how to lower a heavy person.  I would plummet one foot then come to a full stop, bouncing ever slightly up then plummeting another full foot to yet another stop.  I don't even want to see what the bruises look like.

I know, I haven't posted in a while...and now here is a post without even a picture!  (I promise to put up a picture, Mom, perhaps even a video.) 

I have quite a few things to write about, but not enough time right now.  I fixed comments again on the site here.  Since I host this machine out of my home, I spent a lot of time making sure it was secure.  Part of that security is that I need to individually allow each program to run.  It works, I guess.  According to the logs, I haven't really even had any serious hack attempts.

P.S. If anyone does actually hack this box, please send me an email with the hole.

P.P.S. No Rogers are allowed to hack this box.  Your kung-fu is too weak and you may break a nail.

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