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I know, I haven't posted in a while...and now here is a post without even a picture!  (I promise to put up a picture, Mom, perhaps even a video.) 

I have quite a few things to write about, but not enough time right now.  I fixed comments again on the site here.  Since I host this machine out of my home, I spent a lot of time making sure it was secure.  Part of that security is that I need to individually allow each program to run.  It works, I guess.  According to the logs, I haven't really even had any serious hack attempts.

P.S. If anyone does actually hack this box, please send me an email with the hole.

P.P.S. No Rogers are allowed to hack this box.  Your kung-fu is too weak and you may break a nail.

Clean a drive?


I'm retiring a really old PC and still have a drive in it containing sensitive data.  (Sensitive to me anyway, not like the drives that the government loses with millions of social security numbers...)  I'd like to give the PC away to a nearby charity, but want to ensure that the data is gone.  It turns out that the best way to clean a drive is simply to overwrite it with zeros, ones, or randomness. 

The easiest way is zeros, just:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1

Or whatever your device is.  If you want ones, it's a bit trickier since there isn't a /dev/one device:

cat /dev/zero | tr '\000' '\001' | dd of=/dev/sda1

Supposedly, you are supposed to write and rewrite over the drive or some hacker can figure out how to recover the data.  This is not true.  In fact, there has been a competition out for some time to reward any company who can perform this feat.  It has never been taken.

Truly Movable Type

It took me some time, but I was finally able to port my Movable Type installation from an outside server to my totally secure host in my casa.  Yes, it's in my house, good luck breaking into it and if you do, kindly let me know what hole I left open.

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