26.2 miles in 14 hours

I didn't think I'd be so nervous about the marathon tomorrow, but it has really affected me packing everything and preparing. I've done this before. The NYRR club forces you to qualify by running nine races before you can enter the NYC marathon so after two years of races I've developed a pre-race regimen. It started yesterday with a carb-loading dinner with my running club Powered By Dim Sum. This group is awesome! Then all day today I've been overhydrating and eating many small meals since I don't like to feel full on race day. I've just packed my bag with special care since this race has instructions and as they are transporting my belongings in a UPS bag, it has a extra chance of getting misplaced. Soon I will eat a small carb laden dinner and buy yogurt and granola for tomorrow morning. Hmm, I don't think I've forgotten anything.

Thanks for asking about the leg Rus. Yes, I've been doping up on Advil as much as I can tolerate. But what has really helped me was discovered this Wednesday at the marathon expo. Walking around a surprisingly large runner's specialty expo, I saw a device that I'd recognized in a fellow Dim Sum'ers household and tested out. It's called The Stick. After 60 seconds testing this device out, I bought it and took it home for immediate application. This thing is amazing!! It found the knots in my leg and has almost completely repaired it in two days! At this rate, I don't even think I will be injured by tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I have to run, more later. If you are looking for us, check out the marathon's website for the route and information.


Looks like Tulay kicked your ass! Congrats Tulay, never let him forget it!

5:55:15 Jayson
5:40.20 Tulay

(I bet he'll blame the knee)


Oh man, don't steal my thunder! =) Yes, it was the weak knee...notice the good time we were having in the first half? =)

Tulay is a champ! She could have done much better if she weren't gathering Tylenol and grabbing drinks for me. I pushed her ahead with three miles left and she raced on to gain 15 minutes.

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