Happy New Year!

Did anyone make a New Year's Resolution? I had two last year not including a multitude of health goals.

1) Six months of no missed workouts...FAILED.
2) Floss teeth every day...SUCCESS!

Well, I missed about 10 days through the year, but not too bad. The effects were interesting. The year before I was sick every month with various maladies and last year I was only sick twice and the illnesses were short lived. There is still a household debate about the health benefits from the flossing, but this may be due to the flossing somewhat.

Craziness? Maybe, but some studies show that daily flossing can increase your lifespan. The theory behind it being that your body is under a constant barrage of infection in your mouth and that proper dental hygiene helps in the battle. Other side effects are minimal tartar buildup, no bleeding while flossing, no bad breath in the morning and compliments from the dentist. :-D

This year's goal is a bit different. I always have a series of health goals, some I achieve and others I don't so I won't bother to list the 2006 series here. This year's resolution is to remember people's names. I've always been bad at this, but I think I've gotten worse the last couple of year's. Now I can talk with somebody a 2nd or 3rd time and still have no recollection of who they are or if I've ever met them. I will try to reverse this trend this year and write down everyone's names, possibly with a short description of them. Geeky, I know, but I have to do something extreme or I won't remember them for the 3rd and 4th meeting and will be stuck asking lightly probing questions again.

Anyway, I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year! Especially my mother, I hope you get better soon.


Thank you

The name thing gets me too. I hope I'm better at it once I get back to "regular" names.
Writing them down is one of the hints in "Win Friends and Influence People" but I'm sure you knew that.

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