Superglue works

Yesterday, part of my daily chores required me to repair a cup. I glanced at the chipped piece and immediately thought of the superglue stashed somewhere by Tülay. As is usual with superglue, it was supershut because it had dried up into the nozzle. So, not wanting to ruin a knife by getting superglue on it, I quickly bit off the dried tip with my teeth and examined the nozzle. Bad. I tried to open my jaw and realized that my front teeth were stuck together. I wouldn't exactly say I felt panic...more like heightened anxiety and a slow realization of what I had done. A quick bit of jaw wigglework and I got my teeth apart. Naturally tried to rid myself of this stuff in my mouth by reflexively pushing it off my teeth with my tongue. This was bad, too. My tongue got stuck to my upper teeth. I quickly ripped my tongue off and scampered to the sink. Three gallons of water washed into my mouth did nothing so I grabbed a napkin to try to wipe it off. So it's 10:30 am and I'm standing over a sink with a paper towel superglued to my front tooth. Not exactly a great start to a morning.

Here I sit 24 hours later still running my tongue over my tooth and feeling the roughness of the glue. The bits of napkin are gone and I've scratched most of it off, but it has been winning the war so far.



Rolf here, friend o' Rus.
Been a long time, but I had to commend you for relating your super glue story.
After enduring pain of both body and pride, you made the best of a situation by your cathartic entry.
That, and I appreciate a good laugh.

dork. look at the bright side,you can wipe up spills without the use of your hands.


Good to hear from you! No need to demean yourself by saying friend o' Rus for as far as I know there is only one Rolf in the world. And how dare you come to my site and make me look up the word cathartic!


Stacey had it right...Dork!

(although I removed the end of my ring finger in a 7500rpm fan I'm not too much better)

And Rolf only elevates his status by being my friend, how do you think you got where you are today???


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